2 thoughts on “Support killing people

  1. The problem is that we’re not doing it right! WWII worked out so well for us not just because it provided much needed stimulus to our industries. But because we applied the effort to destroying the industrial base of several other major competitors.

    Bombing the crap out of Afghanistan or Libya doesn’t provide anywhere near the same bang for the buck. Unfortunately, globalization complicates matters considerably. The obvious targets of our efforts should be plants in China, India… even Mexico. But those plants were built by and for our Galtian overlords. Therefore we need to do the legwork of identifying companies that are completely foreign owned and show them the true meaning of freedom!

  2. We knew how this was going to turn out when we saw what happened to the “Peace dividend” that should have/could have been coming our way at the “end”(?) of the Cold War. I think we may have saved about a nickel over the span of 5-6 nanoseconds. Then, the “powers that be” decided “oh, hell no” – and so we spend our time looking for the next “Hitler of the Week”. Always seem to find him, too – imagine that. None of this is going to change until the Empire falls.
    (BTW, if I ever started a community somewhere near a rapids in a river, that’s what I’d name the town – Empire Falls).

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