One thought on “New book

  1. Thanks. Big Suzie Bright fan here. Must say though, looking at the first review on Amazon, this bothers me –

    “the anti-sex prophets of what I would call the right wing of the feminist movement–people like Andrea Dworkin and Katherine McKinnon”

    I thought McKinnon has spent her career trying to get some legal remedy in place so that sex workers have some measure of protection at law. Am I wrong about this?

    Also, as a second wave gal, I have had it with younger feminists labeling my generation sex-negative. Way to be a tool of the patriarchy young sisters! The first piece of feminist writing another woman handed me in my 20s was Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm. Comic side note being that back then, freshly arrived in California from the deepest South, it was the first I’d heard that women even had orgasms. Really. Talk about good news!

    Thanks for the link.

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