5 thoughts on “1967

  1. My first thought: Well, it is compaign time. On the other hand, I’m confused. Doesn’t he cater to Israel? Why yes, I think he does. I’m not thinking eleven-dimensional chess. I’m thinking, who is he trying to court.

    But, I too, am hopeful. But not. But trying to be.


  2. Me too. I am very puzzled, trying to figure out what is going on. What’s the angle?

  3. I don’t think it’s that significant. Not with this Israeli government. It’s going to take the threat of withholding aid (like George Herbert Walker Bush did with Shamir, one of his finest moments) to get any movement. The 1967 borders (excepting Jerusalem) have, AFAIK, been accepted US foreign policy since the Carter administration, even if we don’t talk about it that much.

  4. This first struck me as huge. Now it looks like he’s trying to anticipate what the UN would do in four months. But even so, it looks like a step forward for us.

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