Brave, brave Sir Robin

Scout Prime at First Draft with the news that the Wisconsin Republican majority leader walked out of a press conference because members of the public were there. Which, by the way, also tells you a little something about politicians’ comfort level with the press, knowing they’re so rarely challenged:

Republicans walked out of their own presser when the public showed up and one person asked a question.

Majority leader Sen. Fitzgerald stated: “I’m not sure who’s in the room right now, if it’s all credentialed media or not.”

Audience member: “This event is open to the public, sir.”

Fitzgerald: “Yeah, I’m concerned about that, I guess.”

They then left. (added-when another question was asked)

Damon Terrell took the podium to speak and was eventually led out by police. C.J. Terrell imediately took to the podium to speak and was also taken away. Both were given disorderly conduct citations.

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