2 thoughts on “Lesson of the day

  1. As I read in, I began to feel sicker and sicker in my stomach (insula response) — had to stop. I’ll go back. But, this is disappointing and sickening.

    What chance do we have?

    Hack, Anonymous, hack! Get us the inside dope on our pols and their sell outs!

  2. What chance do we have? None, if we keep listening to the same voices who keep betraying us.

    I first got involved in internet brawling in 2000, and by August of 2001 I knew what the problem was and what the solution had to be.

    However, I wasn’t and still am not one of the kewl kidz who are listened to, despite their lack of results.

    Until we open our minds and start putting some serious money in the pot, liberals will continue to be shunted aside and called effing retards.

    Carolyn Kay

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