One thought on “Marcellus shale

  1. I live in West “By God” Virginia, and I recall that far from being suddenly overtaken by events on the issue of these gas wells, there was a lot of debate in the legislature on investigating the situation and writing new rules. The acting-governor (don’t ask about that story) basically laid down on the ground and said they would have to drag his sorry behind into the realm of protecting the public interest from the pollution of this “new industry”. It’s all so new and complicated, you see, and we need time to study and think it over. Maybe next year we can pass a law. There has already been a blowout and fire, and the drilling trucks are destroying the little country roads beyond the ability of the highway department to fix them. But it will be OK. It will be like the coal and timber boom of the early 1900’s which devastated the forests, left us with hundreds of ghost coal towns and logging camps, and practically rendered most species of wildlife extinct after the forest fires burned up the brush left from cutting the trees, but lots of money was made and plenty of people in New York and Pittsburg are still living off of it in the form of trust funds.

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