I think the Edwards indictment is a real stretch, maybe even prosecutorial abuse. It sounds like there’s some other agenda here; I just can’t figure out what that is.

What I’ve seen among progressives is a strong desire to punish him. Yes, it would have been a disaster if he’d gotten the nomination with this secret. But all the people who want this man to be indicted because he cheated on his sick wife? That’s just nuts. I’m not going to judge someone in the middle of that kind of emotional pressure cooker situation because I don’t know what it’s like:

Some experts said they did not know of any case in which prosecutors brought criminal charges against a candidate for using money from a wealthy contributor to hide a personal matter. Normally such violations are handled as civil matters and result in fines and requirements for the candidates to repay the money.

Scott E. Thomas, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, met with prosecutors on Edwards’ behalf to persuade them not to seek criminal charges.

“I do not believe that there is any prior case that states that the conduct at issue in the Edwards matter, or even conduct substantially similar to it, constituted a violation of the statute,” Thomas said.

Michael Toner, also a former FEC chairman, agreed. “This is a real stretch,” he said. “And I say that as a Republican who is no fan of John Edwards.”

UPDATE: Looks like Jeralyn agrees.

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  1. He was a viable candidate who spoke of the Two Americas. In other words, he campaigned on the issue of class warfare as the rich declaring war on the rest of America. That is verboten.

    He must be destroyed. His personal disgrace is not enough. Someone else without sex scandal baggage might follow in his footsteps.

    And this is coming out of the Obama administration, no? I wonder if Edwards is wondering whether there’s any political loyalty from Obama et al…since Edwards did endorse Obama. Of course, maybe Obama feels it wasn’t done quickly enough; Edwards waited until May 14, 2008.

    I may be wrong — the only other reason I can think of for doing this is that Dems are held to a higher standard that Repubs in sexual and marital matters. And, just as libs/left leaning oranizations fire anyone who’s accused of a scandal, no matter that it comes from a Breitbart based on edited tapes, etc., ASAP to avoid being called names by the rightwads, maybe that’s how Obama is having the DOJ act.

    And the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) may be declaring war on Dems in general for the coming election, but that will depend on who Wall Streeters decide is an acceptable president — which may depend on how unified Wall Streeters and banksters are this presidential election.. This may be preliminary, just in case stuff: Send any prog/lib/populists a message.

    The amount of time and coverage given Rep. Weiner and the purported photo of his weiner is another interesting MCM focus. Anthony Weiner was going to run for mayor of NYC; going after him, then, may be a twofer. Get a high profile Dem and take out a possibly populist NYC mayoral candidate.

  2. Although I wasn’t running for president, I do understand the pressure of dealing with a dying spouse: you feel totally helpless and begin looking for ways to ‘get away’. No, I can’t judge Edwards mistakes because—unless you’ve had to deal with what was on his plate—I say cut the man some slack! Hell, if Obama and his boys want to go after some folks, look to Wall Street, or Bush, or Cheney—-now, that’s where the real crooks are.

  3. There are two themes in MCM (actually one if you think about it):
    a) Anything biggus d!ckus
    b) Whatever the latest p3ckerdillo

    That is all.

  4. Well, let’s see. Edwards could have picked up and porked sexual partners in an airport men’s room, hired prostitutes to change his diaper AND pork him, had a mistress who, minimally, gave him BJ’s in his Congressional office while his wife was sick in the hospital, then divorce the wife for said mistress, then gotten another lobbyist mistress to give him BJ’s in his Congressional office and divorced the first mistress/wife OR divorce his severely injured wife and their children to marry a beer heiress who’ll fund his political ambitions. Then Edwards would have been seen as a stalwart defender of the American family just like they are. Oh and BTW: the hedge fund managers and banksters who, through fraud and outright theft, ruined the world economy and millions of lives worldwide have yet to face prosecution for anything.

    Anyone who thinks the legal system in the US isn’t broken is a fucking delusional moron.

  5. I am so glad the writer is non-judgmental about Edwards having an affair on his cancer-stricken wife:
    “I’m not going to judge someone in the middle of that kind of emotional pressure cooker situation…”

    Bravo. And I suppose that means you have no problem with Newt Gingrich doing the same thing and would never write anything that would criticize him for bad, scurrilous behavior.
    Just wondering.

  6. Someone having an affair while their spouse is dying, when the dynamic strains even the strongest marriages, is not the same as being a serial and public cheater who made a public spectacle out of crucifying another elected official for the same thing. See the difference?

  7. This prosecution speaks volumes about Obama.
    (And why doesn’t my spellcheck recognize Obama?)

  8. Perhaps this is a stretch because the US Attorney in this case is a Bush holdover. NC Sen Burr has been instrumental in keeping him in place by blocking his replacement.

  9. Well, why doesn’t Obama demand his resignation? Then call out Burr publicly.

    Or, by launching this indictment, has the Bush holdover ensured he remains in office for the entirety of Obama’s term?

    Thanks for the tidbit. Any links which give a summary of this? Thnx.

  10. Remember all those state attorneys general that Obama broke precedent by NOT replacing? Remember what they were doing for Karl Rove that TPM unearthed? Remember?

    Using the courts to smear political opponents to gain electoral advantage.

    I wondered why Obama kept Rove’s corrupt state AGs on the payroll.

    I just didn’t think he would really go there.

  11. and this is why –

    “He was a viable candidate who spoke of the Two Americas.”

    and if we could just stick with this approach –

    “I am so glad the writer is non-judgmental about Edwards having an affair on his cancer-stricken wife:”

    we could have avoided past ‘mistakes’, like FDR or Jack Kennedy.

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