Everything that happens in Philadelphia is boiled down to the same racial narrative: See what happens when you let “those people” run the school district?

And yet, black Democrats aren’t really running the school district, and haven’t since 2001. It’s a Republican-controlled School Reform Commission, put in place by the state legislature as they harrumphed about the state having to pour money into a district mismanaged by “those people.” The mayor get to appoint three of the five seats, but the Republican state legislature still controls the state funding.

As you might expect, it simply moved some of the patronage recipients from one side of the column to the other — and the ripoffs continued. But the real funding problem is that 70% of the students are at or below the poverty line, and people in the rural parts of the state insist on holding those children accountable for all that money they waste!

Oh well! Sucks to be a poor black kid in Philly, because that makes you a political football from Day 1:

The Philadelphia School District began its biggest layoff in decades Monday, issuing 3,024 pink slips and triggering its largest union to fight at least some of the dismissals in court.

Common Pleas Court Judge Idee C. Fox issued a temporary restraining order stopping the layoffs of 1,523 teachers until a June 14 hearing on whether the district violated the collective bargaining agreement by exempting 200 teachers from the layoff.