4 thoughts on “3 Way Street

  1. I expected a pro-cyclists video, and yet the first series showed dumbass riders doing some close to suicidal moves. One pedestrian was showed running against the light, and then finally a series of drivers doing stupid stuff. Frankly, of the 3 groups, cyclists came off the worst in this video. Yes, I realize that riders have to sometimes break the law (e.g. riding on the sidewalk) for their own safety, because the rules make sense if you’re encased in a big metal cage, and not riding a 20-pound metal contraption. But please, riders are not doing themselves any favor by riding the WRONG WAY in the MIDDLE of the street. Sigh. I alternate between being a driver, pedestrian, and cyclist. And I know that I’ve railed against pedestrians/riders when I’m driving, or vice versa. I guess my point is I’d like EVERYone to be careful when sharing the road. And for pedestrians and cyclists to realize that, even when we are legally (or morally) correct, we can still be flattened by that Smart Car whose driver was not playing attention.

  2. I think that was the point — that everyone is contributing to the danger. But certainly, cyclists seem to be the worst. Driving downtown here is like an obstacle course, they’re pretty reckless.

  3. I think part of the problem regarding bikes vs cars is that many cyclists wish to have the benefits of being being pedestrians and drivers at the same time.
    The corner right by my suburban house is a 3 way stop, but bikers driving the wrong way don’t have a stop, so they don’t stop or even slow down. I just recently avoided hitting one such cyclist, who had the nerve to point at the stop sign I was waiting at while he rode past me going the wrong way!
    I think bikes are good, by the way.

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