2 thoughts on “Fringeology

  1. Magic, which is the category into which I place all this “paranormal” stuff, is bunk. Lots of people believe it is real, and that means nothing. The “studies” that allegedly showed there was really something magic around have been disproved by rigorous examination time and again. This is a worthless field to mine unless you have a book to sell to the rubes. I commend Volk for selling another book full of what I feel confident will prove to be bunk to the rubes. Making a buck with snake oil is an honorable American tradition.

  2. He looks into those studies and is surprised by what he finds, yet you have so much faith in your own rationality (without rigorous investigation or testing) that you simply dismiss the work of a noted investigative reporter because his findings don’t line up with your unproven beliefs. Hmm.

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