Payroll tax holiday

Just another backdoor attempt by the greatest president evah to undermine Social Security!

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has written to Vice President Joe Biden, who’s now leading
Congressional/White House debt talks, urging him to reject proposals
which would extend or expand the diversion of billions of dollars in Social Security payroll taxes.

“Just six months ago, Washington promised the $112 billion dollar
diversion of payroll taxes from Social Security would be a ‘temporary’
stimulus. Now, it appears some leaders who are negotiating a debt
ceiling deal are proposing not only to extend this stimulus measure but
actually expand it…diverting even more money away from Social
Security. Diverting revenue from Social Security is not fiscal
responsibility. There are other ways to provide effective stimulus that
don’t endanger Social Security’s funding, including the successful ‘Make
Work Pay Tax Credit’.
Poll after poll has shown, Americans do not
support using Social Security as a bargaining chip in yet another ‘Let’s
Make a Deal’ style negotiation in Washington.” Max Richtman, NCPSSM
Executive Vice President/Acting CEO

NCPSSM’s letter to Vice President Biden reminds negotiators that
American workers have successfully funded the Social Security program
for 75 years and that critical linkage between contributions and
benefits is what keeps Social Security a self-funded program. Proposals to divert workers’ payroll taxes way from Social Security threaten the program’s independence, forcing it to compete for already limited federal dollars.