Great minds think alike

So I’m standing in line at a store yesterday with my best friend, whose purse I backed up on and ran over with my car an hour earlier, breaking one of the wooden handles. “Maybe you could duct-tape it, I said. “They should make duct tape in colors and patterns. Women would use the hell out of it.”

“They already do,” the young cashier told us. “In Staples. They have camouflage, cheetah prints, all kinds of stuff.”

Since we were right next door to a Staples, we went over. Sure enough, they had a pretty good assortment of colors and patterns — including a great orange and pink tie-dye that looked great with my friend’s purse.

Anyway, just thought some of you might want to know.

12 thoughts on “Great minds think alike

  1. I would expect that we will be seeing a lot of duct tape in the near future as the depression starts to bite. Duct tape and contact paper. This is the kind of interior decoration used in my family during the lean years.

  2. Yeah, I was in a Staples yesterday and saw it. Didn’t take a long look at it because then I’d be tempted to buy some.

  3. Haven’t you seen the Duct Tape Prom Outfit Contest? They run it every year – couples make their entire prom outfits out of duct tape. The creations are amazing and worth a google.

  4. Damn the duct tape, Suze!

    I’m, er’ um’ just wondering, how the fuck did you manage to back up over your friend’s purse? I mean, obviously she wasn’t holding it at the time, so how could this happen? THAT’S a weird occurrence, yes?

  5. Great stuff, but just don’t use it for actual *ducts*. Doesn’t work worth a damn for that.

  6. The saying is – It ain’t broke, it just lacks duct tape. My son and his date participated in the Duct Tape prom contest 5 or 6 years ago, pretty cool. Black outfits accented with red, orange, and yellow flames.

  7. Damnit.

    I just discovered this–became a hero when I brought Mr. EW home a zebra skin duck tape.

    But they’d didn’t HAVE orange and pink tie die. Just the zebra and camo versions.

    I want orange and pink tie die.

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