Douchebag Dana

Can you get any crazier? We invade them, kill hundreds of thousands of their people and this prick asks them to cover our expenses:

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Iraqi authorities have asked for a US congressman to leave the country after he called for Baghdad to repay part of the money spent by Washington since the 2003 invasion, a spokesman said on Saturday.

Republican representative Dana Rohrabacher’s remarks at a news conference in Baghdad stood in stark contrast to those by senior American officials, who have pressed Iraqi officials to decide soon whether they want US troops to stay beyond a year-end withdrawal deadline.

“We called the US embassy yesterday and we told them to ask the congressmen to leave Iraq,” government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told AFP. “We don’t want them here. What they said was inappropriate.”

Dabbagh said Rohrabacher and his congressional delegation had not raised the issue in a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, contradicting the US politician’s comments that he had spoken about potential repayments with the Iraqi leader.

It was not immediately clear if Rohrabacher and the delegation were still in the country when the request was made.

“Once Iraq becomes a very rich and prosperous country… we would hope that some consideration be given to repaying the United States some of the mega-dollars that we have spent here in the last eight years,” Rohrabacher told journalists at the US embassy on Monday.

Can you imagine all the angry chain emails that would be flying if a Democrat had said that?

7 thoughts on “Douchebag Dana

  1. It’s a pity the Iraqi’s waited until he was in transit to call for his departure. It would have been fun to see the Iraqis frogwalk that turd to the departure gate.

  2. I thought Elliot Abrams or Wolfowitz or one of those guys said that they were going to pay us back with oil money. Or we were going to take the oil money or the oil or something like that. Its hard to remember exactly.

  3. Anyhow it was all going to work out fine and it wouldn’t cost very much at all.

  4. Stop whining. Every time republicans make any sort of misstep the dems howl and lulz over it for decades. They just don’t call their own chain letters chain letters…………………………….

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