3 thoughts on “Irony of the day

  1. I’m trying to imagine the WH and Congressional reaction if a foreign power was shown to have such a plan in place for the US.

    The other reaction is that if we’re involved in setting it up, it’s probably set up to vacuum up all the interactions and send them to…our NSA or subsidiaries.

    Wouldn’t Obama just luuuuuv such a system, which whistleblowers migh imagine was secure?? And then just snatch them up and fly them off to Gitmo….

  2. But then on the other hand, the people who know how to do this are here, in this country, and I’m thinking they might well have the technical knowledge to corrupt any spy technology.

  3. Yeah. So about those kids in my old neighborhood who can’t afford computers but want them desperately? You know, those kids who line up at the library on weekends to use those computers.

    I know what to do. We can apply for a grant, and computers, by saying we want to investigate ways to suppress Democratic voter turnout. That should get the money rolling in.

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