One thought on “Noooo

  1. One problem is that, with odd numbers of teams, there would always be an idle team in each league during the periods when there is no interleague play.

    If they want to increase intrastate rivalries, why stop with moving Houston into the AL with Dallas? Why not go all the way, and pair up the Royals and Cardinals, Indians and Reds, Pirates and Phillies, White Sox and Cubs, Marlins and Devil Rays, Orioles and Nationals, and Yankees and Mets? Add that to California’s five teams, and then 70% of ML teams would have same-league in-state rivals.

    Woo hoo!

    It strikes me that the principal motivation is to produce a slightly expanded playoff structure, going from eight teams to ten. But then there’s that pesky problems with an off number of playoff teams in each league. How would they handle that? Why not just bite the bullet and go to 12 playoff teams? Or 16? Or 20?

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