From Truthout:

Truthout’s Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold report on new documents they exclusively obtained from a top counterterrorism official that, for the first time, reveals the existence of a secret Defense Department intelligence unit charged with tracking Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda prior to 9/11, which knew that the terrorist group wanted to strike the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But, the documents show, this information was “intentionally” withheld from Congressional investigators probing the 9/11 attacks.

2 thoughts on “Exclusive

  1. Hoo boy! I’m sure glad we ignored those tinfoil-hat, conspiracy nutcases. Those trillions spent (and still spending) and tens (hundreds?) of thousands of lives lost (and still losing) were all worth it.

    I wonder if those corporate shills in the print media and on cable ‘news’ wish they had a career in journalism?

  2. I’m surprised this isn’t being discussed more on the blogs. Seems like it merits some examination. Sad that anyone who calls for more investigation is labeled a conspiracy nut.

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