My peeps

I just met the nicest West Virginia couple, Bill and Annette Haney, who are here to promote their movie about mountaintop mining, “The Last Mountain.” (Coming to a theater near you!) Anyway, so we’re chatting and I’m telling them to send me info. When I told them my name, they both got very excited and Bill jumped up to shake my hand. “I love you! I feel like I’m meeting a Beatle!” (Annette even took our picture together.)

I never felt like a celebrity before.

4 thoughts on “My peeps

  1. Here is a write-up by Ken Ward a reporter for the Charleston Gazette. Fortunately there is no coal mining in the county where I live, but I have nightmares in which I go out and find the big machines making roads and digging on the hill behind my house. They show me a paper that my Dad signed giving them the rights to mine because he needed some money when he was sick. (Just a dream. It never happened to our family, but it sure did happen to a lot of others.)

  2. An unfortunate side effect of the blogging business I guess. Even your fans don’t recognize you.

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