2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Well, we can’t really. They will not stop fighting until we leave their country. We will not leave until they stop fighting.

    Since it is their country and they have nowhere to go, and since their wives and sons are there to provide a continuous supply of new soldiers we are basically there forever.

    The only breakthrough will come when our army itself begins to rebel and start refusing to fight. (Watch the movie, “Sir! No Sir!” for how this happened in Viet Nam)

    I know it is not a supposedly “volunteer army”, but we will soon reach a critical mass of wounded and broken returned soldiers and and their families at home who will make it painfully obvious to the rest of the army how deeply they have been lied to, used and betrayed by their leaders.

    Watch the HBO documentary “War Torn” for more details.


  2. Students in my college classes (I am a part-time temp instructor), born in 1990 and now 21, have grown up never knowing a time when America was at peace for more than a few months. Think about it. The Gulf War, the Balkans, a continuous period of regular hostilities maintaining the sanctions and no-fly zone in Iraq. Then 9/11 and Afghanistan and then Iraq again. Pakistan, Yemen, and now Libya. Hundreds of thousands of troops including the National Guards out of their local communities have been in war under fire for years at a time. It has become so normal that no one even talks about it or questions it.

    What is that doing to their minds and their futures? How have we allowed this to happen? What has happened to us? Ten years in Afghanistan, and now five or ten years more?

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