Maddow explains it all for you

Stupid fucking Dems:

Rachel Maddow went on a tear Thursday, condemning Democrats for forcing Anthony Weiner to resign and warning them that they have damaged themselves “probably for a generation” because of their actions.

Maddow has repeatedly decried what she views as a double standard: Weiner was forced out because of his sexts and pictures, but Republicans like David Vitter and John Ensign managed to stay in office even though they broke the law.

“Democrats have not only refused to hold Republicans accountable for the double standard, but they have joined with Republicans in piling on with the demands that Anthony Weiner had to resign even as David Vitter stays in the Senate,” Maddow said. She then went on a long monologue, listing all the Republicans and Democrats who were not forced out of office even after admitting to more serious ethical violations than Weiner.

“Anthony Weiner, who was not accused of corruption, who does not appear to have done anything illegal, who does not even appear to have had sex with any of the women with any of the people with whom he had scandalous talk and picture-taking, for him a line was drawn,” Maddow concluded, her voice bristling with anger. She then turned her focus on the media, saying that the story was actually “the media covering the media ending a man’s career.”

Maddow ended by addressing Democrats. She issued a dire warning.

“Congratulations, Democrats,” she said. “In an era of unhinged, ideological, big money conservative media that is wholly and admittedly divorced from the precepts of journalism, in hounding Anthony Weiner into resigning … you have just fed and unleashed this beast onto yourselves, probably for a generation.”

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7 thoughts on “Maddow explains it all for you

  1. Some moron actually said, “Well, those other guys cheated on their wives or broke the law or something. What Weiner did was weird. That’s much worse.”

    Remember how Congressional Dems jumped on the bandwagon to condemn ACORN? Probably the most effective get-out-the-vote national organization in history, and therefore a major asset for Dems. And, of course, the reflexive offing of Shirley Sherrod by WH operatives. Just really, really dumb.

    We’ve been debating for years whether pro Dems are really closet Repubs, or just too stupid to effectively advance their own position. That debate is over. It’s both.

    Go Green. Or blue, red, yellow, whatever.

    One term.

  2. I really didn’t give a hoot about whether the guy resigned or not. apparently he is an arrogant jerk and an all out supporter of the AIPAC line against the Palestinians, and obviously too stupid (when his hormones are activated) to give a second thought to how bad some things will look if they come out in public. (Bill Clinton has that same arrogance and stupidity.)

    These guys have egos so big that it does not occur to them that you just can’t be talking and flirting with teen aged girls AT ALL, and not even with adult women who are not your wife. You have a position of public trust and responsibility and that comes with a higher, stricter standard of behavior, or it used to. And your greatness and power does not grant you an exception.

    They way I look at it, we are better off with one less arrogant, out of touch moron in the congress, although there are a lot of others who are just as bad.

  3. p.r. You gotta think this through. If we got rid of all the “arrogant, out of touch moron(s) in the congress” we’d have…..what?

  4. I can’t stand Maddow – she’s a corporate tool just like the rest of them.

    Bob Somerby covered some of her ranting and an interview she had with Bob Herbert who explained that Weiner’s conduct was “egregious… and profoundly disrespecftful to women…” He talks about the “but they do it” defense – do we really want to behave like Republicans? He points out that Maddow doesn’t criticise her own network for overblown coverage, etc.

    Here’s the link:

    I haven’t watched MSNBC or any other cable news programs since the 2008 Dem Primary Wars and I don’t miss them.

  5. MSNBC’s Chris Matthew who drove this story as much as anyone.
    Here’s my response to Senator Gillibrand’s appeal for a donation the day Weiner resigned:

    “Nice to see that the NY contingent and Democratic Party leadership had Anthony Weiner’s back. Another strong voice for the middle class silenced over nonsense while the party faithful did what they do best…fold.

    And you want money from me? Why? So you can continue to pander to the chattering class and villagers?
    You should be ashamed.”

  6. @ Adams: The way I see it is “One down, some very large number to go.”

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