2 thoughts on “Orwellian

  1. If the small infrared sensors are not ready for domestic policing use yet, the specs are probably in for development of mobile versions, ministurized versions for domestic use.

    I’m sure they’ll be added to CCTV cameras and other large gathering space locatons.

    There will be money found for that need.

    The MOTU’s probably fear the anger of a starving, swelling underclass. (That’s the worst part of the “under the bus” area.)

    A commenter somewhere else suggested celebrities and the Uberwealthy (hey, big pols, even?) might want to shut off all kinds of digitial cameras when they’re around.

    Me, I figure pretty soon the state will demand registration of video equipment and permits will be required to use them. That’ll also help cut down on the authorities being embarrassed by random video.

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