8 thoughts on “10,000

  1. 10K each month would be an adequate amount to withdraw. Any less is a tease of the cruelest sort. Karzai of the Afghans and his family have stolen enough aid money to hire Blackwater to police the country, they don’t need us.

  2. Well, since it’s all over the news, is there any point to actually watching yet another speech?

    This is all just so gawd-awful depressing.

  3. In 2004 it will be thirteen years of war. THIRTEEN YEARS. Can anyone remember what the original cause was? The 9/11 attacks? Not really.

    It was to arrest Osama bin Laden who is now dead.

  4. No – it’s always been about the resources of the invaded country, nothing more.

  5. what resources? afghanistan is not a resource rich country. that’s why the resource-based conspiracy theories to explain the war are always about pipelines.

  6. Afghanistan has minerals, but not oil; however, it’s very territory is important for oil and gas pipelines which could avoid Russian and Russian influenced countries’ territory. We also want bases to surround Russia. (And, I wonder if now we want bases closer to China….)

    Plus, since Bush/Cheney whacked the hornets nest in NW Pakistan, now we need bases to raid and “control” the NW Territories.

    What a mess.

    Also, Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld did kinda leave Afghanistan in very short orde; they had their eyes on the prize in Iraq: Oil and bases closer to Iran.

    But Obama did say in his campaign that Afghanistan was a good war; Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time. He was going to finish that “good war” better than Bush/Cheny would have done.

    Oh, I don’t believe he said anything about mercenaries (not that he would use that term) being left in Afghanistan. Those numbers are hard to pin down or learn about. How many are in Afganistan now? IIRC, Karzai sent some packing. How many are in Iraq now?

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