2 thoughts on “Impasse

  1. Cute Republican Trick.

    But, what I worry about is what the Dems and, mostly, Obama et al are going to do with these cutesy Republican whackjobs.

    Max Baucus is saying cuts to Medicare — which may be cuts to providers. Which is mindblowing, as docs in some areas are refusing to take Medicare patients.

    In all honesty, this an issue on which I’m not up to speed: Are the doctors overpaid? Or are they being squeezed between Medicare rates and for-profit insurance company pressures?

    Any have more info on in this part of health care costs?

  2. Also, Cantor is calling for Obama to get involved — which is how we got the Bush tax cut extensions, the screwing of the poorest taxpayers, and the gift of 15% taxation continued for the hedge funders.

    Whenever Obama gets behind closed doors to negotiate in secret it scares me.

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