4 thoughts on “Marriage equality passes

  1. The catch is Democrats suck. It was a democrat legislature that rejected equality last time in NY. It was the log cabin republicans that brought successful legal action against DADT. The world has turned silly and democrats suck. That’s the catch. Fun, isn’t it? But way to go New York!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really am glad this passed. Hooray!

    Oh, and it’s a Dem assemble, Repub senate. The assembly has passed marriage equality for several sessions, definitely the previous session. The Dems were undermined in the Senate by three Hispanic senators, two of which played serious power games and voted with the R’s to take over the Senate for the R’s. One of those lost his seat due to abusing his girlfriend; the other lost his due to rampant fraud and graft in using government monies for private use instead of for his chain of public health clinics. The third is a strong Catholic and voted against the bill last night, but it was known he would.

    A reporter on local WNYC news said Cuomo the Younger really pushed it because he needs to build some cred with the liberals who are unhappy with his Repub Lite (well, actually pretty strong!) budget moves (including a 2% increase in local property taxes, which may very adversely affect poorer districts, making their school less competitive) and also does believe in marriage for gays. But so did the previous two Dem governors.

    Two big reasons Repubs voted for it (as many as were necessary) in the Senate is tht 1) public approval of gay marriage has been increasing steadily and 2) gays tend to have disposable income and can make sizeable political donations. And, as noted, gays are willing to make it known to both D’s and R’s that they will withhold those donations if they aren’t listented to.

    But, back to Cuomo, he’s been doing so many Republican things budgetwise and taking so much away from public employees that he had to do something to keep liberals in line and voting for him and Dems. Now, he can trumpet this big accomplishment, while the little people, gay and straight, get by on less in wages and benefits.

    This fits right into the Neolib Corporatist Dem approach: Favor the Uberwealthy and Big Bidness, stick it to the little people, but be socially liberal in some areas.

    Now, how can we little people apply pressure like this? Especially since we are not known as big donors?

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