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Krugman on deficit hawks and their enablers:

So what’s it all about? The answer, of course, is that the GOP never cared about the deficit — not a bit. It has always been nothing but a club with which to beat down opposition to an ideological goal, namely the dissolution of the welfare state. They’re not interested, at all, in a genuine deficit-reduction deal if it does not serve that goal.

And everyone who has preached bipartisanship, who has called for a meeting of minds on the subject, is either a fraud or a chump.

Oh no he didn’t. Did he just call the president a chump? I think he did.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. For more than two years Krugman has made accurate predictions about where the country was heading if Obama didn’t start countering Republican lies.

    Krugman knows Obama is not a stupid man (chump), which means he’s a fraud.

  2. And if there were no Tea Party, Obama might have had to invent one in order have a mechanism to “force himself” to do what they demand. In other words, he wants to gut Medicare and SocSec; he needs some loud and demanding group to give the MCMers reasons to tout what Peterson/Norquist/Obama actually want to do.

    And now Obama will allow himself to be “forced” to fuck over and fuck up Medicare.

    SocSec is next — we still have debts ceilings and budgets for 2012 he use to work his will, to establish his place along side St. Ronnie.

    This “Democrat” wants in no way to be compared to FDR or LBJ.

    And DC Democrats, who don’t have the sense that god gave geese, will just follow Obama along. Lemmings don’t blindly follow their “leaders,” but Dems sure as hell do. And more than once.

    Nice little political party you had there, Mr. FDR and Mr. LBJ; too bad you couldn’t keep it, well, Democratic.

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