2 thoughts on “Gaza aid flotilla

  1. The demonstrators in Selma didn’t make it across the bridge either, but the effect was far greater than if they had made it. One of the points of a non-violent demonstration is to develop the situation until the opposition rises up to publicly show their fundamental violence and injustice.

  2. I know nothing about “laws of the sea” or how leaving a port is handled. It’s looking as if once a vessel is in a port it can be prevented at the will of the controlling powers to never, ever leave?

    If someone in NYC is tied up at a dock on, say, the Hudson, does that boat need some kind of permission to leave?

    I somehow imagine that someone of the wealth of, say, Onassis is not subject to such need for “permission.”

    But, Susie, you’ve nailed what’s going on: The various sovereign Powers That Be Biggest and Allied with Biggest are solidly allied to stop any embarrassment to Netanyahoo.

    Wow. Shows what being the regional bully/designated bastion of democracy gets you nowadays. He’s a right bastard but he’s OUR right bastard, eh?

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