2 thoughts on “Krugman

  1. I’m losing it too. I have begun to think that we are in a new phase of history when we move from the concept of nation states governing people into a new form of domination by international corporations.

  2. Took Krugman a long time to catch on. I could bring up zingers from him that would make a crow blush. Used to be a neocon before he started realizing that he was on the wrong side,

    Me too, I was a dyed in wool Republican until they sent me to a war that I totally opposed and did their damdest to get my stupid ass killed three to five times. They would have gotten me killed if the psychiatrist had not decided that I was schizophrenic and should be regulated to a desk job.

    I told him very sincerely that I was a patriot but that if he or anyone else got me in an another shooting scrape, I would changed sides and kill Americans.

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