4 thoughts on “Poor people’s fault

  1. The senator believes in a religion founded by a schizophrenic cult leader who had visions of an angel and which commands him to wear a sacred undershirt. Who can expect him to make any sense?

  2. I was inspired by Sen. Hatch’s comments to call the WH comment line, 202-456-1414, with a suggestion to help Obama out of his deficit dilemma.

    Soylent Green factories!

    It’s a jobs program, it provides lower cost protein for the increasnig number of non-Uberwealthy and retirees will surely need lower cost food as their purchasing power is cut by Obama’s COLA revision and/or actual cuts. And –TA DAH– it’s a way for the poor to sacrifice in their entirety. There might even be some profit to be made to apply to the deficit.

    Folks can just go to the Soylent Green factory, get offed and return as fodder for the poor. Their families are spared burial costs and cementeries will not fill up as fast. How much more can the elderly and poor of any age sacrifice? Save the nation SocSec or SSDI payments, save on Medicare and Medficaid outlays, plus provide jobs and protein! What’s not to like?

    The woman taking my call did not react at all, just said she would pass on my comment.

  3. Orrin Hatch: Seventy-seven years old, hasn’t had a real job in 34 years since he was elected. Thirty-four years a senator pretty much makes him part of the problem, doesn’t it? He’s obviously out of touch with the economic realities, which do not conform to his bean-counting, Washington-based priorities. He’s got it wrong: The entire rest of the country’s priorities are not Washington-based and they have little to do with whatever notions and whims float around inside the heads of United States senators. The senators are part of a self-protecting, self-perpetuating system of enrichment. The rest of us are not.
    Time to turn him out; his expiration date has passed.

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