The call

This is the movement of religious extremists with which Rick Perry has aligned himself. They believe their prayer rallies can call down the wrath of God and destroy the demons that have possessed that particular area. Oh, they also hate Catholics and Mormons (more demon possession) and the people they convert have to publicly burn the religious artifacts of their former faith. (This rally is in San Diego.) Pretty scary stuff:

3 thoughts on “The call

  1. We had “The Call” in Nashville a few years back. It was all about “radical purity” because, you know, naughty parts! Participants were urged to abstain from sex, food, the media, sanity, and the event involved a “repentance walk.” Hilariously — beautifully — said walk took participants past our (now shuttered) gay bookstore, where members of the gay community handed out bottles of water to the Callers. Because it’s July, in Nashville, and it’s fucking hot here, and you’re fasting. And GLBT Nashvillians cared, even if the folks passing out on the concrete think they deserve to rot in hell.

    Anyway, at the time I observed that the worst part about this event was the fawning, superficial coverage given by our local media.

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