6 thoughts on “Lifting the veil

  1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll run this through my Roku, rather than spend two hours staring at my laptop screen.

  2. I know it’s late and no one will read this comment but I just had to come back and say, WOW. There it all is. It seems like I knew it all, and have known, for many years now, but HOLY JESUS.

    Thank you susie, and I’m sorry I’m just now watching this.

  3. So far, though, at 1:31:14, no one has mentioned how this country was founded or the genocide of the people, land, and other critters that were already here. Nobody mentions the Karma of it all. The seeds of absolute destruction were sown in the very earliest days.

    That’s what I’m thinking about right now at 1:31:14.

  4. Metanoia is not a bad name for it.

    I didn’t know about all the heroes, though. This film shows a lot of heroes beside all the evil. Chris Hedges? I didn’t know.

    Now I do.

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