8 thoughts on “‘Getting out alive’

  1. It should have been, “yes, maybe yes, maybe no, no.” Not sure is a pretty big chunk of space.
    So, since you won’t agree with me on primary-ing Obama, can we compromise and talk about supporting state and local level candidates? Of course we can.

  2. I’d love to see a legitimate primary challenge to Obama (as in, someone prominent enough to push him to the left). But no one will, so I’m not going to obsess over it.

  3. It took 30 years to get where we are. The S and L scandal in the ’80’s was just the dress rehearsal for the current economic rip off.

    “The Haves and the Have-mores” are holding all the trump cards.

    You all might agree with me on this. I did all the right things: I put myself through college, I saved at least 10% of my income, I bought a house, I kept my debt low, and I am still screwed.

    Oh,well, back to the veranda with another mint julep…..

  4. Here’s a thought: Get all of the prog blogs to come up with a slate of potential write-ins. Conduct an online vote, including getting non-blogistaners to vote at their public library computers. Get consent from said candidate. Conduct a very low-key, low-cost campaign.

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if both RNC or DNC candidates were upended by a write-in? Wouldn’t that just be coup of democratic proportions?

    What’s Greyson doing running for Congress again? (Ok, maybe that’s a good thing. But it could be better). What about Feingold? How about someone who has shown some chops for civil rights? Because truly, the buck stops there.

  5. I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see some kind of “moderate” independent Democrat & Republican ticket appear with Obama and Huntsman (or somebody like that) together calling themselves the “Centrist Grownup Party”.

  6. What I would add to the bullet points is that Republicans are already doing everything in their power to rig votes, redistrict, wreck traditional sources of Democratic funding, etc etc. Are we entirely confident that, having let the monsters in to wreck the place faster in 2012, that they will actually leave office if they lose the following election? After they do their worst for four years, will it still even be possible for a Dem to get elected?

    Plus, the whole thing with the courts. Doesn’t look like even a citizenry outraged by flagrant economic plunder will figure out what has been done to our courts. If the Republicans use four years of the Presidency to finish the job of turning our courts into a Mexican-style system, what will that do to our efforts to rebuild?

    It’s not as if those folks who torch the castle on the hill get rid of all the vermin when they do that. These folks leave seeds that sprout their evil fruit later when you think you’re safe. How will those who rebuild deal with Vichy courts and other rear guard interests?

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