Nope, no global warming

Not a bit! No problem! Al Gore is fat, by the way.

COLQUITT, Ga. — The heat and the drought are so bad in this southwest corner of Georgia that hogs can barely eat. Corn, a lucrative crop with a notorious thirst, is burning up in fields. Cotton plants are too weak to punch through soil so dry it might as well be pavement.

Farmers with the money and equipment to irrigate are running wells dry in the unseasonably early and particularly brutal national drought that some say could rival the Dust Bowl days.

“It’s horrible so far,” said Mike Newberry, a Georgia farmer who is trying grow cotton, corn and peanuts on a thousand acres. “There is no description for what we’ve been through since we started planting corn in March.”

The pain has spread across 14 states, from Florida, where severe water restrictions are in place, to Arizona, where ranchers could be forced to sell off entire herds of cattle because they simply cannot feed them.

In Texas, where the drought is the worst, virtually no part of the state has been untouched. City dwellers and ranchers have been tormented by excessive heat and high winds. In the Southwest, wildfires are chewing through millions of acres.

You’ll notice these are the same states that usually vote Republican, and believe man-made climate change is a hoax. Well, you can educate ignorant people but you can’t fix stupid.

12 thoughts on “Nope, no global warming

  1. There is no global warming, but there is the great and omnipotent Rain God’s righteous retribution against the willfully ignorant and crassly cynical right-wing denizens of those states.
    Yahweh has spoken!

  2. Susie, Susie, Susie…… My, my!

    There was absolutely no reference in the article regarding climate change and nobody in the article was a denier. It was about the drought. Once again, it is OK to paint the South with a monolithic brush with prejudice and cast an entire region as mouth breathing ignorant fools.

    What about the region/state you are from? Has being a blue area stopped fracking and other envorimental hazards? Has being in an “enlighted” area stopped “superfund” sites?

    Well, I guess I’ll just put on my hoop skirt and retire on the veranda with a mint julep! I’ve been mouthy enough today…

  3. What people don’t seem to get is that the earth’s climate has been cycling between warm and cold for millions of years without the benefit of the all-affecting, all-influencing, all-powerful interference of the egotastic naked apes. These climate fluctuations are established scientific fact. The most recent glacial period was called the Wisconsinian, which lasted from about 110,000 years ago until about 10,000 years ago. This glacial period is established scientific and geological fact. Only the the deranged and the ignorant deny this reality. Look it up. The Earth is warming. Nobody you vote for is going to do, or will be able to do, any thing about it.
    I just go to a place of suspicion when I hear people wailing about anthropogenic global warming. There is no doubt the Earth is warming up. Right now. It has been for about 40,000 years. And it’s true that previous climatic bounces do not preclude humans from influencing the Earth’s climate. They probably are. But given what we know about Earth’s natural history, I believe the warming would continue to happen even if every human disappeared tomorrow. CERN scientists (actual adults operating outside the infantile bi-polar political climate of the United States) are looking into cosmic rays as drivers of global warming.

  4. But seriously, Baby Jeebus clearly hates republicans.
    I mean, why would Americans who hate other Americans so much, and only for thinking differently, have God’s favor? Why?

  5. Whenever something bad happens in areas that are perceived as “liberal”, there’s always a few KKristian* loudmouths in places like Georgia and Arizona claiming that God is punishing those heathen libruls for their misdeeds. Funny how the KKristians aren’t screaming that Georgia and Arizona are being punished by God due to their politics.

    No one weather event can be linked conclusively to global warming – sometimes the dice come up snake-eyes. It’s only when the dice coming up snake-eyes happens more than 1/12 of the time on a number of rolls that one should ask whether the dice are loaded.

    *Christians believe in Christ’s teachings and try to incorporate those teachings in their actions. KKristians abuse the Bible to justify their bigotry and moral relativism (It’s moral if Limbaugh says so, otherwise not.) It’s like the difference between real crab (with a “c”) versus artificial “krab” (with a “k”) meat made using fish scraps and soy extenders.

  6. No, but the South has provided a very dependable source of Republican votes for the electoral college. I do resent that. Sorry to be rude. I mean, I understand it’s a matter of class, education, religion, etc. but at some point, the evidence of their own eyes should catch up with their brains.

  7. @ Major Kong I think the term “Global Warming” means more than averages in global temperature. The meaning is the the cumulative pollution and the results that come from it. For example, in the Gulf of Mexico there are dead zones and algal blooms that are caused by the run off from the Mississippi River that has enormous amounts of chemical fertilizers. This chokes the water of oxygen so that sea life is compromised. As well in the “bread basket” of America. The soil has been so depleted and the area denuded that it can reflect heat. Do you remember why we have fewer aerosol spray cans? The Ozone Layer at the poles. Did you ever hear of “Acid Rain?” I could go on with all kinds of example of short term (in a geologic sense) examples of how anthropomorphic warming does exist.
    Earth is evolving, of course. It will eventually be a dry planet like Mars, because Earth is moving further away from the Sun. There are broad changes in climate from this evolution. But, the rapid changes since the industrial revolution are an entire ball of wax.
    But, what do I know. I am a Southerner with an education in Geology and Earth Sciences, oh well, back to the veranda!

  8. Susie, are you saying Pennsylvania doesn’t have rednecks? Wow, those YouTube videos of Pennsylvania’s “trailer trash” lighting their well water on fire proves ignorance is everywhere.

    Yes, the Republicans are strong in Georgia, no doubt. But, to say that “ignorant Southerners” are to blame for global warming is a stretch. Let’s look to the big industrial giants that have huge amounts of lobbying money to fund efforts to deregulate and misinform people on the tee-vee. “Clean Coal?” “Huge deposits of Natural Gas and new technology to extract it?”

    Georgia is an agricultural state. Droughts hurt. So does policy, like the state’s new immigration law leaving crops in the field this year and it was a great year for fruits and vegetables. But, there is no 10 ears of corn for a buck this year. 🙁 Georgia, Alabama and Florida have been having a fight over the water in the Chattahoochee, Flint and Apalachicola River system for over 30 years.

    My point is that Global Warming and pollution is not a Red State/Blue State issue.

    Al Gore is fat, but, I still think he is a babe! 🙂

  9. Arggh. You know what I mean. I just want people who are being exploited to wise up NO MATTER WHAT STATE THEY’RE IN. And I’m not saying southerns are ignorant — I’m saying the ones who continue to believe there’s no problem because the Republicans told them so are STUPID, not ignorant. Ignorant is lack of information. Stupidity is being so invested in denial that you’ll ignore any information to the contrary.

  10. Oh, Susie, I am just being sensitive and contrary… it’s effin’ HOT down here!!!!! It’s weather like this that really slows me down and just feisty and mean! 🙂

  11. Plus, Georgia just passed those nifty new anti-immigrant laws, so migrant farm workers are giving the state a pass. Of course, if farmers don’t have surviving crops to be picked anyway I guess it’s a draw.

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