2 thoughts on “Jamie Galbraith

  1. We are watching the political equivalent of good old “Big Time Wrestling”. They are all working together off one script. The end is predetermined – at the last minute something will be agreed to to put the crisis off for a while. There are good guys and bad guys and you can root for whoever you like, Dems or Reps. The rules don’t really apply because the referee is always looking the other way when something dirty is done. And I suspect the whole show is some kind of misdirection to keep our attention while something else crooked is being pulled off somewhere else. (For example, I noticed the other day that we are starting a war in Somalia. How did that happen?)

    It is boring, pointless, and I am tired of the yelling by the fans at ringside, “Look out! He’s got a vinegar soaked sponge in his trunks!” “Ref! Ref! That was illegal!” Its all bullshit. They are all working together, and they are not working for our welfare.

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