2 thoughts on “On, Wisconsin

  1. it did work in the sense that it delayed the chance for democrats to retake the majority in the wisconsin state house. if there had not been primary challenges, there would not have been a primary and yesterday’s vote would have been the recall election. the main reason the GOP ran their fake candidates is not because they thought the fakes had much of a chance, it was to give themselves a few more weeks of power to ram through more bills before the dems have a chance to knock them out.

    the dems declined to run fake candidates in the GOP primary for the 3 democratic seats subject to recall.

    having this extra primary yesterday cost the state an additional $400k. those republicans do love austerity, don’t they?

  2. I can only hope that the diversion of the progressive energy shown in the WI capitol occupations doesn’t get captured and dissipated by the D apparat. That is, after all, the D’s function (and possibly their sole remaining function).

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