Elizabeth Warren

You can watch her Hill testimony here. And no, we still don’t know who’s running the consumer bureau that opens in, what, two weeks?

Matt Stoller on why Elizabeth Warren is indeed polarizing – and why it’s a good thing:

I’m watching a hearing in the Government Reform Committee where members of Congress are going back and forth on the CFPB, the new consumer bureau set up to serve as the cop on the beat against banks. The Republicans are attacking Elizabeth Warren, while the Democrats are attacking the banks. Rep. Tierney, for instance, is talking about how mortgage servicers like JPM are jerking around members of the armed forces deployed overseas.

Warren is at the center of the debate, because she takes a clear stand. Because she is clear, the Republicans can put out exactly what they think, and the Democrats are able to clearly spell out what they believe. Anyone watching can’t avoid but knowing what the debate is about.

It is this clarity, this debate, that is missing in our politics. Warren provides it, Obama does not.