Winning the future

Obama statement today:

And, so, that’s where I have a selling job, Chuck, is trying to sell some of our party that if you are a progressive, you should be concerned about debt and deficit just as much as if you’re a conservative.

And the reason is because if the only thing we’re talking about over the next year, two years, five years is debt and deficits, then it’s very hard to start talking about how do we make investments in community colleges so that our kids are trained. How do we actually rebuild $2 trillion worth of crumbling infrastructure.

You know, if you care about making investments in our kids and making investments in our infrastructure and making investments in basic research then you should want our fiscal house in order so that every time we propose a new initiative, somebody doesn’t just throw up their hands and say more big spending, more government. You know, it would be very helpful for us to be able to say to the American people, our fiscal house is in order.

So, now the question is, what should we be doing to win the future and make ourselves more competitive and create more jobs and what aspects of what government’s doing are a waste, and we should eliminate. And that’s the kind of debate that I’d like to have.

Yes, we know that’s the kind of debate you’d like to have. That’s what’s so depressing.

First of all, we have an endless supply of money. If I could be so rude as to point this out, we have all the money in the world for wars and banker bailouts. What we don’t have is political will to do anything that doesn’t help rich people.

And our political system is broken, completely corrupted by corporate influence. That’s why I can’t even get mad at Obama personally anymore, he’s just a universal archetype of the Corporate Politician. At that level, they’re all like that.

2 thoughts on “Winning the future

  1. Every time I see the man’s lips moving I know he’s pimping for the BIG BOYS: He’s a corporate whore. Period!

  2. My God, he really is the incarnation of Herbert Hoover! The economy is dying and he wants to wait a few years until we save up enough money to afford to go to the hospital.

    His policy is fine for those at the at the top who can wait. Those at the bottom are the ones in pain and dying, and he doesn’t even see them. He can just roll up the tinted windows and have the driver go faster past the bad part of town.

    He’s not going to notice until he is stopped by a flaming barricade across the road.

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