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  1. Someone has gotten to Jared and told him to get back on message — or he won’t be considered a Very Serious Person any longer and will, indeed, be persona non grata. Or at least economist non grata.

    The problem with joining an administration is that the person joining up must support the goals and actions, all of them, of that administation. I think Gates said a couple things that would have gotten him a command to resign, but at that point he was more important than Obama to this administration. He was considered a Most Serious Person; Obama is still a VSP.

    Hillary was in Athens yesterday, saying something which she would not have said as a candidate for the presidency or, I believe*, as a senator from NYS. She praised, somewhat fulsomely, Greek’s austerity measures.

    From the Boston Globe (from the NYTimes):

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday emphasized Washington’s strong support for Greece’s commitment to right its debt-ridden economy with austerity measures and thanked the government for its contributions to NATO-led operations in Libya and diplomatic efforts in the Middle East.
    At a news conference with Greece’s foreign minister, Stavros Lambrinidis, she praised the determination of the government to impose austerity measures Parliament approved last month amid violent street protests. Comparing the measures to “chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer,’’ she emphasized the price of inaction would have been much higher. (My emphasis)

    Note that she is speaking for the US Government, not personally, but she is spouting the Obama/Republican line. And that’s what happens when a person joins an administration and wants to be a team player.

    This may be used in Republican ads, btw, since it fits their agenda.

    So, Jared? Has been taken to the woodshed and is not toeing the line again. Or at least will STFU about JOBS in any form other than the Obama et al approved talking points.

    *My belief may be wrong as Hillary is very much a “team player” and might well have not spoken out for what the people want done. Very few Dems do speak out against Obama, and if they do the race card is played if nothing else works.

  2. “Chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer” The cancer being what? Spending for the public welfare? A structure of law and the regulation of money? Public services and utilities owned by the public?

  3. “He was far more outspoken in favor of unions than any president since FDR,” he said. “The president has a very forward-looking investment agenda.”

    Yeah. A few years back, Barry said he would march on any picket line. Since then – especially in terms of actions protecting workers – not so much. Apparently, that qualifies for the “outspoken” category.

    And anybody associated with the Administration swears up and down the stimulus package was the absolute best they could do – given the political environment – even though it should have been bigger – but my goodness, oh my goodness – that’s the limit of our “tip jar” in Keynesian terms.

    Swell. How about another tact before you wash your fingers in the silver bowl? How about you couple whatever stimulus funds you could come up with with a no nonsense return to the rule of law, and throw some of the bankstahs in jail? How about you reinvoke Glass-Stegall and get banks out of the wild speculation business?

    That might have shown you were serious about eliminating the cause of the problem.

    I hate it when these jerkoffs run around saying “but that’s all we could do; couldn’t have done a thing more; no siree…”

    Screw them.

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