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  1. Great article. But I still want her to run, because of the symbolic, team rallying value. We’ve already lost on substance; after Obama’s hustle the walking dead gang of six proposals look good by comparison.

    We’re toast.

  2. I agree absolutely. “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” was a great movie, but the true documentary version is “Mr Obama Gets Co-Opted, Domesticated and Bribed to be a Good Negro”.

  3. She should primary him. She could do what he would do, primary him while she’s working for him. She would at least get his attention as to how he SHOULD be proceeding. She would be lost in the senate, and beside we have several good candidates for that seat already. And here’s the best part: she has more experience than he had when he ran.

  4. Given that the GOP will not approve Cordray or anybody else, can Obama elevate an existing employee of CFPB to acting director pending Senate approval? Someone like Dr Warren?

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