Real world

I dropped my car off this morning to be inspected, and of course got into an argument with my mechanic over Fox News. He says it’s there to “balance all those other liberal channels.”

I told him he needed to stop getting all his information from the teevee. He told me what a great president Ronald Reagan was; I said, “Why?” He just looked at me.

“No, really. Tell me what was so great about him.”

“He balanced the budget.”

“No he didn’t, he ran it up. Why else? Got any other reasons?”

“He cut spending.”

“He didn’t do that, either. He ran up the deficit to record levels. You claim to want help for working people? Ronald Reagan was the guy who started taxing unemployment checks — to pay for a tax cut for the rich.”

“That can’t be right!”

“Look it up.”

So then he starts telling me how much he likes O’Reilly. “That guy really says what he thinks.”

“So do I, and I’m a lot smarter than him. Why aren’t you listening to me?”

9 thoughts on “Real world

  1. You may be smart, but not smart enough to avoid picking a fight with the guy who going to inspect your car. Tie rod ends. Brake rotors. Exhaust pipe. Tires.

    I know you can’t help it. 🙂

  2. I’ll tell you why. The left blogosphere will promote a male to the mainstream media before it EVER promotes a woman. Do you have a penis? Are you about 30 years old? Did you graduate from an ivy league university with a degree in history, philosophy or economics? In short, are you indistinguishable in demographics from the bonus class MBAs who wrecked the economy? No?
    Then you haven’t got a prayer.
    OTOH, there is plenty of room for conservative women with children who oppose abortion and gay marriage.
    Take your pick. The party that pretends to support your rights but then blows you off for a round of golf or the party that doesn’t want you unless you’re a Phyllis Schlafly replica.
    Some choice, right?

  3. I got into a political discussion with the nurse who was starting my IV. Never again.

  4. Are you a skinny guy with a raggedy scruff and thinning hair who wears his shirt tail out and no socks? Do you make big deal out of getting a cup of coffee? Do you aspire to be like Ezra Klein?

    No? Sorry, babe, you ain’t making it in the big time.

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