I guess I should mention

That I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, and that the usual motley cast of characters will be picking up the slack in my absence. I probably won’t have internet access, although you never know.

But I plan to spend an entire week trying to forget that a Democratic president is trying to dismantle the safety net, because it feels like my head is ready to explode.

For God’s sake, don’t break anything while I’m gone. And no keggers!

6 thoughts on “I guess I should mention

  1. Last week I took a vacation which included not one minute of news or internet. It was all still there when I got back. Have a good one yourself.

  2. Whatever you are doing or wherever you are going… have a great time. You deserve time away from the craziness.

  3. You offer so much on this site, you deserve a break. Enjoy, relax.

    Me, I’ll probably keep waking up thinking about the evil things Obama is trying to do to us…

    So, sleep well, as well.

  4. See? I told you she’d forget all about the pool of sangria we had last time…
    Enjoy yourself.

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