I swear

There are so many ways the corporations (by way of the Republican party) are attacking us lately that I literally can’t absorb all of it — like this, where the Republicans are trying to remove worker assistance aid from these trade agreements. (Whatever happened to jobs, jobs, jobs?)

No matter how complicated an issue is, you can pretty much assume that if the Republicans and the Chamber support something, there’s a time bomb for workers in there somewhere.

2 thoughts on “I swear

  1. The corporations are on a dangerous rampage, even writing our laws now to the exclusion of all common sense or concern for the common good of our nation and planet. It is coming so thick and so fast and from so many fronts I have to block out thinking about it too much because then MAJOR DEPRESSION sets in. It’s not limited to the Republican party although they are probably a teeny bit more to blame…it is enough to drive a thinking person MAD!

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