What is going on in Norway?

Man dressed as police officer started shooting at children’s summer camp in Utöya, Norway. PM Stoltenberg confirms severe situation.

Update, translated from the Norwegian reports:

AP has talked with several who are on Utøya, which is in progress a AUF event with over 700 people. – We are under attack, said a person who contacted the AP before he hung up and broke the conversation. AMK-center reports that they have sent a so-called Health Express, an ambulance that can treat more people, to Utøya with politiekskorte.

I can confirm that there has been a shooting, but we do not know anything more right now, says Frank Dreiersen. Police sources said the AP that the specially trained emergency squad to the Oslo police are on their way to Utøya by helicopter.

Three people are shot. In each case. I do not know, said a clearly shocked characterized Jaran Berg in a low voice to Fredriksstad sheet .

Others told the AP about how it all started: – Competent legitimate himself as a policeman when he was transported to the island. He stated that this was a routine check in connection with the terrorist attack in Oslo, says the eyewitness to the AP.

Suddenly, we heard lots of shooting. People had to run and hide. We have been told to get off the island. AP knows that the police in Oslo have been informed about the incident on Utøya.

We now have reports of a serious situation there – a critical situation on Utøya, says Jens Stoltenberg to TV 2 The police are now on site and sealed off the area.

Bjorn Jarle Røberg-Larsen of Labor, is not Utøya, but has had telephone contact with young people who are on the island. – They say that at least one person wearing a police-like uniforms firing shots with a handgun. More should be made, he said. He says that young people he talked to, hiding, and not daring to speak in the phone anymore for fear of being discovered by the perpetrator. – Young people have to swim in panic, and there is much to mainland from Utøya. Other hiding. Those I spoke with did not want to talk more. They were terrified, he says to VG Nett. AP comes back with more.

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  1. What is going on in Norway? Same as in the US radical right wing extremists. Probably abetted by corporate funding.

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