Forest for the trees

Robert Greenstein from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says the Gang of Six plan is not all that bad, and explains it in great detail. Read it, your blood pressure might go down at least a bit.

However, as I’ve pointed out before, policy wonks get so immersed in the details of a proposal (Ezra Klein comes to mind) that they simply miss the larger issues — like why a Democratic president even put us in the position of making a deal that includes Social Security, simply to get a routine raise in the debt ceiling – something on which he could assert 14th Amendment privilege and just do.

3 thoughts on “Forest for the trees

  1. If you liked Simpson-Bowles of the Obama/Pete Peterson Commission, you’ll love the Gang of Six plan — because it’s based on Simpson-Bowles.

  2. Bless their hearts, these guys really think this way, that the numbers can save us. Tinker here, tinker there. “It may have the potential to …” “Maybe” “if .. then”, “Not so bad .. could be worse”. Its the way Obama thinks, I truly believe, that it is a big puzzle or a game or a clock with springs and balances to be minutely adjusted, and we should really trust the clock makers to do their work in a quiet room.

    And he just gets so ANGRY and frustrated that people don’t appreciate how hard it is to adjust everything, and how they should appreciate his great skill and efforts to make it all balance and tick-tock, and even if it doesn’t really keep time that well, it could be a lot worse.

    But a clock that doesn’t keep time is worse than no clock at all.

  3. i’m more partial to the platinum solution. but yeah, it doesn’t have to work this way.

    but this is what we get when we have the toxic combination of a president addicted to compromise no matter what the cost, and a GOP leadership fundamentally opposed to compromise in any form.

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