7 thoughts on “I’m thinking the place we need to be on August 3rd,

  1. We absolutely need to work for every progressive liberal candidate possible. And if we can find a few into good time populist oratory instead of mush mouth TV squeaks, all the better.

  2. hello fellow guest-blogger!

    i think the more realistic prediction is Obama wins the presidency (none of the seven dwarves have any real chance) but democrats both senate and house. The action, I suspect, will be in House and state races.

    Pawlenty’s got the charisma of a houseplant, the texas republican model needs a break, the Romneybot 2012 (beta) still doesn’t come off as human, and Michele Bachmann is a walking implosion. The only way one of those could win is if people REALLY stayed home in droves.

  3. Pretty unfair, man. I mean, I have house plants with lots more charisma than Pawlenty and they’re way more sane than Bachmann.

  4. I think there’s no chance at all that there will be a republican president in 2012, and not just for the reason that Brendan gave (though I agree with what he said). mostly it’s because the new president, assuming there is one, wouldn’t get sworn in until january 2013

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