4 thoughts on “Anybody giving odds yet?

  1. I hope to be wrong but I don’t think Obama has the guts to show leadership and go with the 14th.
    He’ll play a cowardly political game, default, blame the republicans and hope for re-election. While driving millions over the ledge.
    He has SO lost me already. I’m so disgusted with him and everyone else.

  2. Yes, Dutch, Obama does not actually lead, at least not out in the open, which is what using the 14th would require.

    Also, Obama really did work hard to maneuver us into this “crisis,” and he need it to get at SocSec and Medicare/Medicaid.

    As Conyers points out, it was Obama who put SocSec/MM in play, NOT the Repubs. They did not ask for this; Obama put in on the various tables.
    Conyers says we need to educate the public and Obama on the need for JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS and to not mess with SocSec?MM.

  3. I think it’s time for me to let go and let the powers that be do whatever. It’s making me nuts.

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