“In Steinbeck’s Footsteps.”

From BBC online;

All along Interstate 40 I have been cursing the motelscape. The inedible sludge of reconstituted egg, “biscuit” and gravy that allows them to advertise “hot breakfast” – the coffee weak enough to read the Wall Street Journal’s markets pages through.

Reynalds takes me to a line of cheap motels right by the interstate where rooms are $29 (£18) a night. “These places fill up in the first two weeks after the benefit cheques are paid and when they run out, they empty out and people drift over to Joy Junction.”

Now I see the cheap motels in a new light. This is where America’s hidden homeless live.

Worth a read.

2 thoughts on ““In Steinbeck’s Footsteps.”

  1. I love Steinbeck’s books, but remember that he was way FOR the Viet Nam War when his kid was in the Army.

    The kid later regretted his service, and became a disciple of the “Coconut Monk”, a charlatan, who claimed, thanks to his devotion to Buddha, he lived on nothing but “coconut milk” (and donations from followers!) on a boat in the middle of the Mekong.

    When the Vietnamese won the goddamn war, the guy they put in charge of that district put the monk in a jail cell and offered him all the coconuts he wanted.

    Did not take very many days before said “monk” began asking for real food.

    Jesus, some of those Vietnamese really had their heads together!

    The Steinbecks, not so much.

  2. I saw the Coconut Monk’s goofy metal towers (looking like a low rent sci-fi movie set) a few months ago while on a Mekong delta tour. Thanks for the back story — my guidebooks were more polite and less informative than you were.

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