If you must

Ezra explains the current deal. Under my new lifestyle regime, I only glanced at it.

Oh, and here’s Marcy on the commission piece of the proposal.

And here’s one of the Obama fan base defending the deal. (The writer glosses over the loaded committee deal. Members of the committee are selected by leadership, three each by Boehner, Pelosi, Reid and McConnell, with no simple majority to act. But of course they’ll be deadlocked 6-6 on everything, which constitutes failure to act, triggering the automatic cuts.)

And here’s TIME magazine telling us, “Don’t worry, be happy!”

4 thoughts on “If you must

  1. Nobody is saying out loud that this means that the United States political system has totally failed , the Constitution has failed and the process of open debate under fair rules by democratically elected representatives is no longer productive. We have been forced to move to a secret government ruled by an unelected group of 12 old white men who will decide our future in secret.

    We will not be allowed to even know what is in the agreement, and there can be no discussion or amendment to their decision. Nobody will have input to this process except those who have bought access to these senators’ and representatives offices. Their decision will be enforced by their threat to pull the “trigger” on a shotgun aimed at our heads.

    A minority faction of wealthy capitalists in our country have effectively staged a coup d’etat to overturn and take control of our government by promoting a revolutionary group into our congress and senate, and a weak manipulable puppet into the White House.

    This day will go down in the history books as the day when America entered a new era of government by oligarchy.

  2. We have been forced to move to a secret government ruled by an unelected group of 12 old white men

    Yeah, I’m pretty damned sure there won’t be a woman on that committee. Or maybe one token female.

    I read that Time piece earlier. Just about lost my breakfast.

  3. Susie, this is the kind of stuff you shouldn’t be reading…yet. Especially the Obama fan base. Too stressful. Take a bubble bath (cool if the AC is off).

  4. I didn’t read it. I glanced at it and posted it. And I’m about to take a shower and go meet a friend for dinner.

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