Memory lane

Ken Silverstein, April 2008:

Hillary Clinton is meaner and tougher and that in some ways seems preferable to Obama’s naïve calls for bipartisanship. Also, you know from the get-go what Hillary is all about. Hence, it’s possible to skip the phases of betrayal and disillusionment and go straight to opposition, which is almost always the best place to be in American politics.

3 thoughts on “Memory lane

  1. So, Obamapologists, how’s that “bipartisanship” thing working out for you? Happy to have a president who thinks there is value in negotiating with unreasonable people? When you get kicked off Medicare, will it make you feel better to know that both parties agreed to take away your healthcare?

  2. So many Obama supporters told me that was just the problem with Hillary — that she’d do anything to win. And that was a bad thing, because progressives were “above” that.

    (This from the supporters of the one who promulgated the RFK smear, too. Jeez.)

    It’s comforting, I suppose, for Obama supporters now to think of Obama as weak and naive instead of just plain evil.

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