London, burning.

Here’s two quotes from the BBC online twitter feed;

2046: Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone says the government has failed to realise the level of discontent among young people who are facing a “bleak” future.

2047: He says senior police officers have been warning the government that there was a danger of violence like this for a while.

and then;

2139: Mike Fisher, leader of Croydon council, says “mindless thugs” are destroying businesses and people’s livelihoods, and it is an “outrage”.

This is freaking me.

6 thoughts on “London, burning.

  1. This was covered on my local(!) news tonight. The bubble-headed bleach blonde noted that 35 policemen have been injured. She looked properly grave about this. No mention, of course, of how many rioters have been injured, or why this started in the first place.

    Scary indeed.

  2. Good. People need to get freaked. I’m hoping for the day when the same happens here. It will only be when the rich, the media and their political puppets are targeted by public outrage that they’ll have some “skin in the game.”

  3. When that happens it’s gonna take the freaking army to come in – people are so angry that wealth distribution is not even close to fair any more while the taxes and expenses never end for the common person.

  4. Ron and Tom, don’t forget that “skin in the game” will include arrests, injuries, and deaths. I keep reminding people that the lowliest sherrif’s department has more firepower than your average Taliban stronghold, and they’re itching to use it. The media will cover protests, even nonviolent ones, as an abomination, when they cover it at all, and a lot of people will pay the price for their outrage.

    I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, just that we should have our eyes open to the reality of what it will cost.

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