4 thoughts on “We are never leaving Afghanistan

  1. 39% of all Republicans and 83% of Democrats and Independents went the USA out of Afghanistan ASAP. That won’t happen. But all US troops will be gone from Afghanistan by the end of 2013. All US troops will be out of Iraq by the end of this year or Sadr will declare war on those that remain as well as the Sunni population. How long we will keep bombing Libya is problamatic. We can thank Hillary Clinton for most of the deaths in Afghanistan since 2008 and for the war with Libya.

  2. Our side says that we can’t leave until they stop fighting, and their side says they won’t stop fighting until we leave. Since they live there, they are not going anywhere, and every year their sons grow up to take the place of those they lose. It looks to me like we have trapped ourselves into this until we run out of money. 5 think it is odd that in all the talking people are doing about how spending must be cut, this one simple fact is never mentioned: we are bleeding to death in Afghanistan, both in money and in the lives of our sons and daughters. That is one hell of a deficit.

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