Four more years of being punked? No thanks

So I saw this piece in The Hill with the headline “Al Gore for president.” And I thought hmm, not my favorite choice but a smart guy with good ideas, not exactly brave but certainly ballsier than Obama, although who isn’t. But then I read the lead — “Let me be the first to propose a national movement to draft Al Gore for president in 2016…” — and thought whoa, what is wrong with the Democratic Party?

7 thoughts on “Four more years of being punked? No thanks

  1. The oligarchy is in the process of engineering the nomination of a weak but credible Republican candidate to run against Obama in 2012. A candidate who can’t possibly win the presidency. Obama has already shown the wealthy elite that he is willing to fight their illegal and profitable wars (profitable for them), gut Social Security and Medicare, pass NAFTA like free trade agreements that will ship millions more American jobs overseas, and so on. Obama’s re-election is a “slam dunk.” Unless something extraordinary happens. Like the second coming.

  2. Imhotep has it right, except about the extraordinary thing. Extraordinary (and dangerous, and awful) things have been happening pretty regularly lately, and it’s anyone’s guess what comes next.

    dcblogger is also right, that they’re quite rightly worried. Obama’s approval rating is at 39%, and the NYT article this morning shows that the administration’s/campaign’s plan is to hide in the residence until 2013.

    As for a primary challenger, there’s certainly a market for it, but I have heard of no one who’s stepping up to the plate. It’s suicide and they know it.

  3. The Supreme Court: More important than liberal pique–

  4. merciless, keep in mind that you can’t beat somebody with nobody. Nobody that the Republicans nominate will be able to beat Obama even if his poll numbers drop to 10%. The oligarchy will see to that. Remember Gore had the most votes in 2000 and it was the Supreme Court who elected him president. Funny things can happen when the electoral college votes. Our system is rigged and always has been.

  5. Imhotep, I agree completely, as I said. I’m certain the election in 2000 was stolen, as is Al Gore. I’m extremely suspicious of the 2004 Ohio results. Yes, they have power beyond my imagining. My only concern is the unknown unknown, chaos in the streets of Europe and the Middle East (and China, not that we’ll hear about that), the economies of several first-world countries melting down and taking us down with it. Even these smartest boys in the room can’t account for everything.

    And don’t discount the hunger for a messiah. After all, we saw it unfold in 2008. And in 1933.

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